Monday, 5 September 2016

Cocktails and Christmas Countdown

It has been a long week for my little family; we are all feeling tired and run down. Meme finishes school on the 18th December which is good as they will have a full week to chill out before the madness of Christmas.
Here are my #little loves this week


I don’t think I have read anything this week apart from some bedtime stories for the girls. I have even let Meme miss some of her school reading books as she has just been so tired.


Again, not much at all. Actually, we have watched quite a few Disney films after school.


I went for cocktails with my sisters last Saturday in Liverpool, we had a lovely night and drank far too many Porn Star Martinis – they are delicious! I wore leather leggings, a vest and a sparkly jacket. I meant to take a picture but I never seem to get the chance as I am always rushing out the house.
 I have also worn an umbrella – why does it always rain during the school run? Wet School Run


Lots of Christmas music, we are definitely feeling festive in our house. The Pogoes has got to be my favorite though!


Every year my Girls collect fir combs and then make them all a little festive with glitter glue. They love doing this and it’s nice to get them involved in the Christmas decorations.
And Lastly

It is December! My girls were very excited to open their advent calendars on Tuesday, they have 3 each! They are counting down the days until Christmas, whilst I am counting down the days until the school holidays – no school run for 2 whole weeks! Yippee!
Have a lovely weekend x Stamping Studio Contest Entry: Christmas Countdown Calendar

Here's a submission for the "Merry Christmas to Me" rubber stamp giveaway from The Stamping Studio. Vicky from Lagrange, GA shares her Christmas Countdown 2016 Calendar with us.

Christmas Countdown Calendar

This is a cookie sheet pan spray painted and then some base parts covered with cardstock. I printed a ready-made number sheet on cardstock. Then decorated each numbered square with whatever. Some stamped and some stickers. The stamps I used were from The Stamps of Life by Stephanie Bernard. Added glitter glue, colored pencils and a variety of inks and topics. Each numbered square is mounted on chipboard and then a magnet is adhered to the backs with glue dots. The title was cut using the cricut and the black base was embossed with the cuttlebug.

The simplest answer would be that given by the famous lyrics Andy Williams, because "It's the most wonderful time of the year .

We all feel like time is passing faster and faster. And this year, we see how the bustle before Christmas leaves its mark everywhere. The lights come on, stores turns into a fairytale landscape, with shelves full of gifts and decorations specific to the season and we all become every day more and more excited. But why so much excitement around Christmas? In this article we decided to present you a collection of thoughts and feelings that each of us feels in this period.its the most
  1.  Gifts : ask any child what he likes best Christmas and the first thing I will say is receiving gifts!
  2. Family : being with your loved ones in this period is part of   the joy that Christmas feel.
  3. Food : Much awaited Christmas dinner with all sorts of goodies, be they the most exquisite menus or traditional, is the period when we forget the diet, the unsaturated worry and eat.
  4. The famous British weather : Will it snows or not?
  5. Traditions !
  6.  Singers : open the door or turn off the lights?
  7. Cold : We bundle up in sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves specific to Christmas.
  8. Kissing under the mistletoe : chocolates and sense of fulfillment.
  9. Holiday : take a deserved break from work, school and simply stop time instead.
  10. Facilities !
  11. Coca Cola commercials : the polar bears brings a smile every time!
  12.  Charity : the best time of year to be generous to those less fortunate!
  13. Alcohol : you can not go wrong with champagne and mulled wine!
  14. Morning without alarm : lazing carefree.
  15.  Late shopping sessions !
  16. Films that we enjoy soul : Home Alone famous series and more!
  17. Decorations : star Christmas tree adorned with tinsel and globes richly scented candles and baked apple cinnamon flavored, sparkling like fairy lights, Christmas decorations always offers a festive atmosphere of the house.
  18. Sequins and glitter everywhere : on clothes, postcards, gift wrapping paper, everywhere!
  19. Childhood memories !
  20. Meetings with old friends and older relatives !
  21. Emotions that occur before the New Year celebrations with the prospect of a "new beginning" that brings every December 31.
  22. And why not ? Christmas in New York !!!rockefeller-tree

It's so easy to realize why everyone loves Christmas! If I missed one of the "reasons" do not hesitate to write us through a comment that you like the most in this festive period. Merry Christmas!

Weeks? Days? Hours? Minutes?

Right now, there are

109 days

until Christmas 2016!

But keep reading for more from Santa's Grumpy Elf!

(He's grumpy because there are 9,352,132 seconds until Christmas!)