Christmas Promise

What to do on Christmas Day to go well all year!

From remote times, the traditions which fulfill the magical Christmas day attract luck and joy in our lives in the New Year. Because we go well in 2016, a year marked by many challenges, it is good to respect the traditions of old and new generations have luck.

The ancient tradition of carols is the messenger of plenty

Carol tradition practiced before the Christianization of Romanians and these songs were connected with the agricultural year, with rich harvests and vintage. When we receive carol on Christmas Day, penetrates joy, mirth and growth in the home and in our lives. To celebrate mass bodes listen to carols, songs ritual of plenty, fruitfulness of the fields and harmony in relationships.

Eat fish for breakfast to be agile all year

To be agile as fish, at decisive moments in our lives in the coming year, to eat fish for breakfast on Christmas Day. Believers who held a feast in the morning prayer before breakfast, then ate fish have managed to achieve what they wanted, during new, even in difficult situations.

Fortune wasting water troubles

For many decades, Arges County (rural but also in urban areas), Christmas Day is a ritual practice that brings good luck, as they say believers in these localities. Christmas morning, before his family serve breakfast, housewife sprinkles all rooms house, except the bathroom, with a potion prepared from that time. Lucky water is obtained from holy water mixed with an infusion plus three herbs peppermint, lavender and geranium. In the family troubles were numerous in the year ends, the ritual must be repeated for seven days.

Specifications "ATM" increases our revenue

Because the house allowance shall not be thrown, merchants and business people celebrate a ritual: Christmas Day they begin to jot down in a notebook series of money spent each day. While it was found that the habit householder not make unscheduled expenses and the loss of his home runs.

Christmas to decorate the house with red flowers and wreaths of fir

By tradition, it is auspicious to decorate the house with red flowers (flower of Christmas and Christmas cactus) and wreaths of fir branches. These red and green vegetable family inspires good thoughts, feelings of harmony and keep love in our family.

Christmas candle burning in the feast

Light candles to celebrate, Christmas candle (golden candle) on the day of Christmas magic and let it burn until it extinguishes. It is said that the Clauses candlelight will defend our homes for a year of loss and resentment.

Weather in four seasons

By tradition, on 24, 25, 26 and December 27 is actually four seasons. December 25 foretells the weather in the summer of 2016, on December 24 expected in the spring time coming; December 26, predicts it will be rainy or dry fol- fall. Also, on Dec. 27 we will find the weather in the winter of next year. Knowing these details, we will know how to schedule our priorities during the year.

The first person our threshold must be a dark-haired man

From remote times is known to be an auspicious sign for the whole year if Christmas Day falls first person in our house is a man or dark brown. This guest house and bring luck in our lives. Ancestral traditions teach us to avoid our home to a red-haired man all year because we will face trouble caused by intrigues and abuses of all kinds. Also on Christmas morning in any case not good as the first person our threshold to be a woman, because we have all year financial trouble in marriage.

The first seat to be divided family members

Christmas Eve to prepare coils that to sanctify the church. To have joy in the coming year, on Christmas Day to share the first seat between family members, for harmony and understanding do not leave our house. Also crumbs left over from this seat is not good to take them; We must put them into the food of cattle and poultry in the household. These crumbs have miraculous powers and will protect the animals and birds diseases in our household.

Mistletoe and faux window house banishes enmities

To get rid of all the enemies resentment coming year, it is good to hang bunches of basil and twigs of mistletoe from windows.

The dishes I ate at the table celebrating wash day

The dishes I ate to celebrate Christmas mass should not wash them until the next day. Moreover, we dishwashing water that is well il pour drinking water to cattle to protect them from the evil eye.

Do not sweep Christmas Day

It is not good to take out the garbage and sweep the house until the day after Christmas to get the bonus in their everyday work. When we take out the trash to the dumpster must say: "Do not throw trash, but throw everything bad in my life."

The prayer offered on Christmas night it will fulfill the desire

Christmas, say elders, open sky. People believing as generous people see God sitting at the table with the angels and saints parents. Pray midnight you to fulfill wishes and your prayers will not remain unanswered.

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