Christmas Gift Ideas

Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for men and women

"Today, I do not feel like doing anything.I just want to lay in my bed I do not feel like raising my phone, so leave a message at the tone. Because today around doing nothing

The above verses from Bruno Mars - Lazy Day that what most people want to do the Christmas holiday, I suppose. No business, no study, just to have fun with family and friends. Therefore, you need some ideas for Christmas gifts for men and women. Check my list and will get more inspiration.
Part I - Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for men
The second-Top 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Women
Part I - Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for men

For men, the Christmas holiday can be a paradise if you know how to entertain them with appropriate gifts as a result. In general, men like video games and video games. Therefore, all the best Christmas gifts will centralize three topics above.

1. Streaming Player as Chromecast / Apple TV / Roku

When laying on the couch or even death during Christmas of popcorn and Pepsi in hand, what you need is just a great movie left the series interstellar soup as Big Boom Theory. However, it is not easy to get everything online, but you can stream media from local TV streaming players like Chromecast / Apple TV / Roku to make up this gap. Get one for your friend male, he would thank you for this great gift. If you want to watch some Christmas movies, check here .

2. Page games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Video Games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

No man would refuse the magic of video games. I know some guys who can not live without women, but can not live without video games, even for just one day. why? My friend Jim told me that I can not picture friendship built with friends online game for the past 4 years. Do not play games any more, you lost friends too. All this stuff funny dirty jokes are on her. What is the source of happiness. I am a girl, I can not image but I think it is similar to the case with I can not live without Facebook.
Xbox or PlayStation .

3.One Xbox or PlayStation

The same reason the idea of ​​two, an Xbox or PlayStation is excellent gift choice. The latest version should be the best. It can cost arms and legs, but can bring the biggest surprise from male friends. Do not tell me, do not try to play games like Super Mario on the living room on a weekend or holiday like Christmas. You might waste a great chance to stay with friends or family. Check how to pre-order the Xbox and Playstation here .

4. headphones

For those guys who do not fight and fight, you can pick up some gifts of art such as headphones, it can help to relax you connect the player anytime anywhere. Some good things that beat boutique can deliver brilliant audio for your friends. Open your book, put on the headphones start to play Bruno Mars Lazy day, lazy day!

5. Nespresso

I love coffee company, he said the best husband in the world to stay up is coffee. I doubt, because I read news about the side effects of this soup black. However, we can not ignore in favor of male friends, so if you can figure out better idea of ​​Christmas, try to give him a Nespresso.
The second-Top 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Compared with men, gifts for women becomes much easier. You can rely only 2 rules: beautiful and romantic. Something beautiful can feel like handbags, jewelry, shoes, perfumes, lipsticks are good choices. Any romantic gifts can be optional. But ignore some low-end romantic repeated use skills such as roses, chocolates, lingerie sexy, and so on. Here is my list of reference.

6. perfume story

Many male friends told me they knew they should pick something like perfume to her friends, but which one would be better. My answer is it depends on what kind of meaning that want to reward for it. For example, if you choose perfume Lancome magic, magic moment must tell them when you meet them or how it comes into your life magic poor. You got it? A fragrance with a matching story, perfect gift idea for Christmas!

7. Easy-luxury bag

Girls are girls. They may not be so much money-worship, but there are still some dirty little comparison between them. Buy some easy-luxury bags as coach or MK for your female friend and she will reward you more than a kiss this Christmas.

8. lipstick

You want to say I love you long time on this Christmas? I do not know what gift would be appropriate? I highly recommend Tom Ford lipstick as "Spanish Rose" would be safe for you. No matter what color it is, it is the girl she going to love this color. and I!

9. Self camera

Is there any beautiful girl around you does not like selfie today? I think the answer should be positive over negative safe. I love selfie too, because some TL350 camera selfie Casio surprises me and my female friends to an extent. If you are not familiar with selfie camera or you can just give him an iPhone 6 plus, that has 8-megapixel iSight camera. But it would be better if you can confirm your girlfriend she would be someday, or you will lose not only a period of relationship but $ 399.

10. cookbook

Cookbook should be the last choice of my list, but not the worst choice. Selfie other girls, some girls things luxury, there are still some girls who love cooking. I like cooking too. When I have free time this Christmas, it is my pleasure best to prepare a big dinner for the whole family. Choose a good cook book that a lot more, you can enjoy a delicious Christmas now!

All in all, no matter what kind Christmas gift for friends or families ready, make your heart. It deserves a grateful kiss or hug. Some other successful gift idea I used it to create a video Christmas greeting when my friends invite me to join Christmas party. If you have multiple photos, videos to your mobile phone, you can consider creating page gift to send email, share on Facebook or burn to DVD too. Wondershare Filmore (originally Wondershare Video Editor) may be happening one -stop. Download your free trial version below.

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